Rankia Institutional Experience

Connecting leaders, transforming markets

About the event

This elite event offers you the unique opportunity to establish relationships with the most distinguished entities and professionals, both nationally and internationally.

Immerse yourself in an environment where networking transcends the conventional, becoming a stage for forging strategic alliances that promise not only to take your business to the next level but also to redefine the contours of success in the financial sector.

We invite you to be part of this exclusive experience. Do not miss the opportunity to position yourself at the epicenter of financial influence and to witness the birth of alliances that will mark the future of the sector.


«One To Few» sessions

The ‘One To Few’ sessions open the event, providing a privileged stage for financial entities to present their programs and value propositions to a diverse audience of professionals, including IBs, academies, Traders, Analysts, and Finfluencers.

This format ensures that each participant receives a broad and general overview of the available opportunities, preparing them for the more personalized interactions that will follow.


«One To One» sessions

Subsequently, the ‘One To One’ sessions offer an intimate and personalized space, ideal for delving deeper into the conversations started.

Here, professionals have the opportunity to meet individually with the brokers that have captured their interest, exploring in detail the possibilities for alliances and collaborations, and discussing mutual goals and expectations.


Toasting to Successful Alliances

Furthermore, the ‘Rankia Institutional Experience’ enriches the networking experience with exclusive social events, including a dinner prior to the event and a cocktail during the ‘One To One’ sessions.

These informal moments are key to promoting a relaxed atmosphere conducive to dialogue, facilitating the creation of lasting bonds and successful alliances.

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Who attends the event?

Connect in one place with the most prominent financial profiles in the country



Traders & Analysts (20%)

Trading and Markets Academies (20%)